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about Highland Quietlife


how we care for nature and show gratitude to the land....

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During our Forest Bathing sessions, the land we walk on supports us to reconnect and relax and we always work on the basis of 'reciprocity' - the process of exchanging things for mutual benefit and rewarding kind actions - when out in nature this simply means the land supports us and we in turn, treat it with the respect it deserves and show gratitude. You can read our Green Story here.

When we finish our session, we do so with tea and snacks. The tea is normally made from the land around us, such as Pine Needles or Silver Birch and the snacks, if not baked by me will be locally sourced, normally from the wonderful Bothy Bakery.

We are incredibly lucky in Scotland to have the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. Our group sizes are small, but I still always let land owners know (where applicable) if we will be running a session. I also give 20% of any income back to that land owner or chosen charity.

Highland Quietlife is working towards our Green Tourism Business Scheme accreditation over the winter of 2022/23.

We are also super proud to be members of and support the Scottish LGBTI+ Rainbow Mark. The trees never judge, one of the reasons I feel so comfortable within them and we want out Forest Bathing sessions to be a safe and welcoming space for everyone.

how we care for you during a session....

Basic Group Expectations

Connectedness - We support compassionate social interaction. There is no pressure to share anything with the group when invited, but the group does support you to do so.

Hope and optimism – During our session, the forest and nature around you is the therapist and your guide merely opens the door. We encourage you to let nature support you.

Identity - Everyone has a voice and when sharing please be mindful of time and use appropriate language. We avoid stigmatising or terms that may cause offence.

Empowerment – We understand that life can affect us all differently and if a challenge arises, we take personal responsibility to let the guide know. Some people can find the peace that a Forest Bathing sessions brings can bring on an emotional reaction. If there is need in the group for support, we share this, being mindful of confidentiality.

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